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Personalized Engraved Dog Tags Heart Shaped Handsome Fluffer

Personalized Engraved Dog Tags Heart Shaped Handsome Fluffer

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   Heartwarming Personalized Engraved Dog Tags Heart Shaped with the saying "Handsome Fluffer." Our heart-shaped dog tags are not just accessories. They symbolize the love and care you have for your furry friend. With the ability to engrave their name, contact information, and even allergies, our custom acrylic silent pet tags ensure your pet's safety.

  These double-sided tags are laser engraved for clarity and add a cute and stylish touch to your pet's appearance, matching their unique personality perfectly. Show your pup some love with our pawsome and adorable ID charms that will make them look handsome or beautiful!

How to order:
• Add to Cart
• Choose your Pet ID Size

• Small size is about 1.55 inches
• Large dog size is about 2 inches

• In the personalized section:

1. Write your pet's name
2. Add your phone number
3. Please double-check your information as we will copy and paste)

Choose if you would like your pet name on the front of the tags (*the more letters the name has, the smaller the font will be*) Or the Back with your phone number.

These personalized engraved Pet tags' heart-shaped handsome fluffers are a simple yet effective way to ensure pets' safety and provide a means of contact if they ever wander away from home.

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