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Custom Pride dog ID tag, Personalized rainbow colored letter pet tag with name and phone number, Engraved Pet identification name badge

Custom Pride dog ID tag, Personalized rainbow colored letter pet tag with name and phone number, Engraved Pet identification name badge

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Rainbow Dog Tags for your Dog are the ultimate accessory to showcase your pet's vibrant personality while keeping them safe. Each dog tags feature the color of the rainbow throughout the letters. We start all names with Red, as it is the first color of the rainbow. The rainbow's variety of colors is determined by the number of letters your pet name has. Each pride dog tag will display vibrant colors on your pet's collar. They're a fun and stylish way for your furry friend to stand out in a crowd and show off their unique personality.

• Customize the tag with your pet's name and number.

How to order:
• Follow the guided step-by-step instructions to complete the purchase.
• Add your personal information. (Please double-check your information as we will copy and paste)

• Each dog pet id tag ensures a comfortable fit for pets of all sizes, from small to large breeds.
• Small dog tags measure approximately about 1.75 inches.
• Large Dog tags measure approximately about 2 inches.

• Each dog id tag is custom-made with a deep engraving.
• Deep engraving can ensure the name can stay vibrant and won't scratch. Known for its durability and lightweight nature
• The pet tag can withstand your pet's active lifestyle and resist scratches, ensuring they stay vibrant and fresh.
• These acrylic dog tags are not just for dogs!
• They're suitable for cats and other pets too.
• Attach them to your pet's collar easily and securely, adding a touch of charm to their overall look.
• The personalized ID tag provides essential information that can help reunite you with your pet if they ever get lost.

It's a practical and responsible choice to ensure your pet's safety and peace of mind.
Make a statement with our Custom Dog Tag Acrylic Dog Tag - the perfect accessory to showcase your pet's vibrant personality. Personalize it, add a touch of humor, and watch your pet turn heads wherever they go. Get your Rainbow Dog Tag today and let your pet's true colors shine!

Digitally Hand-Draw Portrait

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Custom Pet Portraits:

  • We cannot start on your art without a photo of your pet
  • Composition 1-3 days
  •  We send you a digital proof of your pet portrait
  • Mark our email as safe
  • Once approved
  • We will email you your final Artwork
  • For Prints: I will ship1-2 business Day, after approval
    • Due to the nature of each product being customized just for you, we can not accept any cancelation or refunds, all sales are final
    • Each piece or artwork is created just for you
    • We will work with you through out the whole process to ensure your are 100% satisfied with our work.
    • If the mistake is on our end, we will make the item again and mail it to you.



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